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Community Guidelines

1. Gore Content

EraCast has a strict policy against uncensored gore content. While there may be some debate about the artistic merit of such content, it is important to remember that it can be extremely disturbing and offensive to many viewers. Therefore, if a user uploads uncensored gore content on EraCast, it can result in serious consequences such as a channel termination or at the very least, a channel strike. These measures are taken to ensure that the platform remains a safe and welcoming place for all users, and to protect the mental and emotional well-being of its viewers. It is important for users to carefully review the content they are uploading and ensure that it complies with the EraCast' community guidelines and terms of service. Failure to do so can result in severe consequences and may even impact the reputation of the user or their channel.

2. Sexual & Explicit Content

EraCast, like many other video sharing platforms, has community guidelines in place to ensure that users are not exposed to content that is harmful, offensive, or inappropriate. One of the key areas that EraCast takes seriously is sexual content that shows nudity and/or explicit content. EraCast has a strict policy against such content, and any videos that contain sexually explicit material will be removed. In addition, channels that frequently post such content may face termination, and at the very least a channel strike. It is important to note that EraCast does not allow nude pictures and videos, even if they are not sexual in nature. This means that users should carefully review their content before uploading it to the platform to ensure that it complies with the community guidelines.

3. Alternate Accounts

EraCast allows its users to create alternate or Alt accounts on the platform. However, it is important to note that if any of EraCast's community guidelines are violated, the account will be terminated, regardless of whether it is the user's main account or an Alt account.
It is important for users to follow all of EraCast's community guidelines, regardless of which account they are using. This includes guidelines related to content, behavior, and interaction with other users. EraCast takes the enforcement of its guidelines seriously and will not hesitate to terminate accounts that violate these guidelines. Users should be aware of the potential consequences of breaking these rules, even on Alt accounts.

4. Reupload Policy

a. Prohibition of Reuploading Original Content from Other Social Media Platforms

Reuploading entire videos and using large portions of videos from other social media platforms without the explicit permission of the original content creator is strictly prohibited on EraCast. This guideline helps to foster creativity, protect intellectual property rights, and maintain a respectful community. (content that is believed to be stolen will be removed)

b. Allowance of Unoriginal Content from Other Social Media Platforms

Users are permitted to upload unoriginal content from other social media platforms.

c. Deleted or no longer existing content

We understand that content from other social media platforms may become deleted or no longer accessible over time. As such, we allow the uploading of deleted or no longer existing content from other social media platforms, provided that it adheres to our other Community Guidelines and Terms.

d. Content you made

At EraCast, we encourage users to showcase their creativity and share their unique content. While reuploading original content from other social media platforms without permission is strictly prohibited, users are welcome to upload their own content from different platforms, provided they have created the content themselves. This guideline ensures that the EraCast community promotes originality and respects the work of content creators.

5. Prohibiting Fake Views

At EraCast, we value integrity and authenticity in our content and community. To ensure a fair and genuine platform for all users, we strictly prohibit the use of fake views or any form of artificial manipulation of video view counts. Such actions undermine the trust and credibility of the content creators and the platform itself. To maintain a high standard of content and user experience, we enforce the following guideline

a. Prohibition on Fake Views

Users are strictly prohibited from engaging in any activity that artificially increases the view count of their videos or any other content on EraCast. This includes, but is not limited to, using automated bots, scripts, or any manipulative techniques to inflate view numbers.

b. Warnings for First Offense

In the event of a suspected violation of the fake views policy, the user will receive a warning for the first offense. The warning will serve as a reminder of the guidelines and the importance of adhering to them.

c. Termination for Repeated Offenses

If a user continues to engage in fake views practices after receiving a warning, they will face immediate termination of their account. Repeated violations demonstrate a willful disregard for our community's values and the integrity of the platform.

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