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Date: Aug 14, 2023 Views: 656 Ratings: 12
Time: Comments: 8 Favorites: 3
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Uploaded by on Aug 14, 2023

This CSS theme that I created makes EraCast look like the prototype of the 2013 layout of YouTube that was being worked on it around june 2012.

Download: (Updated August 16 2023)

Installation: Download the CSS file and Install Stylus extension on your browser, go to the EraCast homepage, click on the extension and on where it says "Write a style for:" click on and then open the downloaded CSS file with notepad, copy everything from there and then paste it on Stylus.

Archives as seen in the video:


Science & Technology



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  • i'd love to see this theme released

  • Cool

  • ok this is awesome

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  • ok this is awesome

  • i'd love to see this theme released

  • @magnum22 thx

  • done, I added to the description :)

  • cool

  • This is a really cool userstyle, dude.

  • I don't like this mid-2012 "half-hiker" theme.

  • Cool

  • can i make era cast say YouTube instead of era cast like in this video?

  • Idk

  • Wow, this is very good! Nice job!

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