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The Evolution of EraCast (July 28th, 2023 - January 10th, 2024)


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Date: Jan 11, 2024 Views: 1,074 Ratings: 26
Time: Comments: 18 Favorites: 1
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Uploaded by on Jan 11, 2024

A picture was taken every 30 minutes since July 28th 2023 of EraCast homepage.
Make sure to watch in at least 720p!

This video was made with a custom NodeJS script to capture the EraCast homepage consistently and a Python script to convert all the screenshots into a MP4 video with the timestamp date using FFMPEG





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  • Bro made everyone say "Literally me"

  • 2:09 "Hey look, it's me!"

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  • 1:18 - I can see my video there.

  • There I am, gary!

  • why nobody realized that it's january 10 2023 but not january 10 2024

  • That's me on the featured videos when i hacked Eracast channel, hope you go to heaven man

  • 2:45 that's lit

  • I have the newest adobe flash 9. But it's not working. Any help?

  • 2:09 "Hey look, it's me!"

  • good video

  • 1:12 omg there's me :0

  • WooooooW

  • The author of this comment is terminated.

  • Bro made everyone say "Literally me"

  • Nice evolution!

  • how many screenshots did you make?

  • just over 8000 which is just shy of 8GB of storage used because the screenshots we're taken at full resolution

  • THIS is art, amazing.

  • 2:18 i can see tomoclaude

  • m

  • love the random Cloudflare errors sprinkled in there LOL

  • 1:34 ra

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